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Tony Begenwald


I am so sad to report the passing of Department Chaplain Tony Begenwald on 3 Feb. Tony was fully dedicated to the League and the veterans at Bethesda Military Hospital. He had a heart of gold. Funeral arrangements will be announced when available.

Thoughts and Prayer for Tony Begenwald.

Tony Begenwald was an original.  He was a good family man.  He was a Marine who lived by the belief that you took care of your wounded and he did just that.  Marines going through Walter Reed Bethesda Hospital knew about Tony Begenwald and Marines Helping Marines.  

Tony had a good sense of humor and could laugh at himself.  He pinned his "Best in Show Bull Dog Look Alike Blue Ribbon" badge on his utility cover, stuck that stub of a cigar back in his mouth and chuckled in his deep voice.  He was a Kurmudjen and Olde Kodger 1st Klass. Elite of the elite. 

I'm imagining Tony Begenwald will arrive at the Pearly Gates in heaven. Standing there with St. Peter, will be Marines like Jack Hettchen, Jimmy Lee Howard, Pete Arnold, Bernie Surette, Denny Bynum, Joe Roman, and many others.  They will stick a cigar in Tony's mouth, give him a big frosty mug of beer and an escort of angels.  He'll swagger toward a smiling Jesus and the welcoming 12 Apostles and someone will ask:  What has he done do to rate such a reception?  Someone will answer:  We have lots of popes and saints but it's not everyday that we get a Marine.   

So let us pray:

Heavenly Father, please welcome into your embrace your faithful servant Marine Tony Begenwald.  Reveal your Beatific Vision to his delight.  Give comfort, solace and peace to his family.  Lord you asked:  Where were you when I needed you to visit the sick?  Tony answered: Here am I Lord.

Now I know Tony would approve if we all were to in our own ways make a toast in remembrance.  So here's to you Tony!    


NOTE: Please send sick, in destress and death notice reports to the Department Commandant at:

Evelyn Remines
85 New Bridge Rd
Rising Sun, MD 21911



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