Department of Maryland


Frequenty Asked Questions

How big are the Hotel Rooms?

Most standard rooms are two (2) room suites. Bedroom, Living Room (with pull-out sofa) and Kitchenette (with full size refrigerator).

Where is the Convention Registration Desk?

Atrium (Pool Area). We are located close to the Hospitality Room.

Where is the Hospitality Room?

Atrium (Pool Area). If you are facing the ocean, the Hospitality Room is located in the far right corner, near the exit to the ocean terrace deck.

Who can enter the Hospitality Room?

Registered Convention Attendees and Guests of the Department. Any questions, ask the Convention Chairman (the Dept Senior Vice Commandant).

What is in the Hospitality Room?

Food & Drink. Lunch is provided on Friday and Saturday. Snacks are available all other times.

Do Children need to be Registered Convention Attendees?

YES. 2 years and older. All registered attendees will receive a commemorative name badge. Registered Convention Attendees are permitted access to the Hospitality Room.

Where is the Continental Breakfast?

Atrium (Pool Area). The Continental Breakfast includes Donuts, Juice and Coffee.

Can I attend ONLY the Saturday Business meetings?

YES. While we encourage you to attend Friday as well, we understand that many people have work or have family commitments. Cost can also be a contributing factor. Saturday is the day we hold our Business Meeting and vote on League issues and elect our Leadership for the next year. Please arrive early to register prior to the meeting.

What day is the Military Order of Devil Dogs (MODD) Initiation?

FRIDAY. All MODD Pup's (black collar) that are going to advance to Devil Dog (red collar) MUST attend the Initiation on Friday. Pups MUST have advancement paperwork into the Maryland Pack according to Pack rules.

What day is the Military Order of Devil Dogs (MODD) Maryland Pack Grand Growl?

FRIDAY. The Grand Growl is where we vote on MODD issues and elect our leadership for the next year. There is no pre-registration to attend the Grand Growl. Bring plenty of BONE$.

Is the Friday Night Entertainment Free?

YES. We include the entertainment in your convention registration fee.

Who can be a MCL Convention Delegate or Alternate?

Regular Members of the Marine Corps League. For additional details please see the Department Bylaws, Article One, Section 105. The local Detachment must register all Delegates and Alternates. Associate members should also be registered by the Detachment. See the "Delegate Registration Form – Detachment".

Who registers an Associate Member?

The Detachment. You are attending as a representative of your local Detachment even though you cannot vote on League matter during our Business Meeting. See the "Delegate Registration Form – Detachment".

My question is not listed here, who can I contact?

The Convention Chairman who is also the Department Senior Vice Commandant.